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Feature Builder

99.00  netto (od 121.77  brutto)
• Congeals rapidly to make tissue building quicker and easier • Expands more fully to eliminate uneven application problems • Especially useful for rebuilding damaged facial features

Feature Builder Solvent

49.00  netto (od 60.27  brutto)
Used to thin Feature Builder and clean instruments.


79.00  netto (od 97.17  brutto)
For cases showing signs of dehydration the co-injection to choose is Humectant. An emulsion of several special oils and moisturizing agents, Humectant helps to fill sallow tissue and return a life-like appearance and skin texture. Wrinkling is controlled and a proper moisture level is restored.

Lanol Care

89.00  netto (od 109.47  brutto)
A lanolin-based spray that helps prevent dehydration and provides an excellent base for cosmetics.

Restor Skin (Neutral)

139.00  netto (od 170.97  brutto)
Spray on to mask burns, bruises and other discolorations. Also available in beige.

Restor Skin (Soft Beige)

139.00  netto (od 170.97  brutto)
Spray on to mask burns, bruises and other discolorations. Also available in Neutral.


159.00  netto (od 195.57  brutto)
Seal-O-Tite is a highly flexible, transparent lacquer for permanently sealing incisions against leakage. It is waterproof and recommended for post-mortem seams, surgical incisions, and as an adhesive for restorative art work. Large wounds may be filled by coating with Seal-O-Tite and cotton or gauze in alternate layers.

Skin Seal

129.00  netto (od 158.67  brutto)
Skin Seal is a Liquid sealant used to cover sutured or glued incisions. It may be applied as a base for cosmetic application where tissue is compromised or weeping and is also excellent for sealing cuts where hair is present. Skin Seal dries Clear.

Velva Cream

109.00  netto (od 134.07  brutto)
Used externally to retain moisture in the skin, giving it a smooth, velvety texture, and to help eliminate wrinkles. Velva Cream can also be employed with cotton when forming mouth features to prevent dehydration of the lips and on the surface of eye caps to retain moisture in the eyelids.